My McDreamy


We all have that one dreamy guy in our life that we compare every other male we come in contact with to. If he asked you to marry him tomorrow, you’d say yes without another thought. Yea, you know the one.

Well let me tell you about my McDreamy.

He’s tall. Tall enough for me to wear heels and still be a foot taller than me. He has beautiful blue eyes that I could get lost in. And that smile….more like a smirk that always lets you know he’s up to something.

He is incredibly smart, ambitious, and confident. He works hard. He’s adventurous and manly. And he loves country music (self-proclaimed Taylor Swift fanatic), baseball and drives a Jeep. He is the original All-American male.

He’s funny- maybe not everyone’s kind of funny, but my kind of funny. He likes to send me silly Youtube videos that he knows I will nearly die laughing from; and during the week he will text me a funny line from said video just to make me laugh.

He encourages me to chase my dreams, and is genuinely interested in the things I am interested in.

He thinks I’m a catch. He once told my roommate “Whoever gets to marry Jo is one really lucky guy.” (ain’t that the truth!)

He is a family man. Probably because he comes from such a big, close-knit family (with a twin). His family means more to him than almost anything.

He loves Jesus. He doesn’t try to be perfect because he knows he’s not. He’s not overly spiritual. He’s just real, about everything, but especially his faith. He’s humble.

He lives 800 miles away.

And he’s suddenly single.

The thing about every girl’s McDreamy is that he is generally viewed as “unattainable.” Hence the name McDreamy. What would happen if your McDreamy became your McPossibility? What would happen if he broke up with the beauty queen and started talking to you more often than just your monthly phone catch up date? What happened if he texted you at 1:30 in the morning asking when you are going to come visit him? What if he told you he was thinking about you?

The reason I ask, is because my McDreamy may have just become my McPossibility. 



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